“As proof that this Program is based in science and demonstrates true financial stewardship, I had an independent team of financial auditors, CPAs, MBAs, CFPs and respected Dental Clinician’s evaluate one specific Dental practice who has been using this NanoSilver and Tax R&D Program since 2018. The results of my ‘audit’ were overwhelmingly positive. In fact, we were actually shocked as to just how profitable this solo Dentist truly was. My “Audit team” concluded that; a) the vast majority of Dental clinics are leaving significant monies on the table (by not utilizing Tax R&D initiatives) b) they should be implementing this Nanotechnology into their Dental practices, as it not only helps benefit patients but, it also helps benefit the Dental business as well as the Clinics staff and c) the increased practice value that this Incremental Free Cash Flow brings to the Dental business cannot be produced in any other way.”  Timothy Brown, CEO, ROI Corp [Canadas Largest Dental Brokerage Firm]

“In 2020, after almost 20 years of Clinical Dentistry, I transitioned into Medical-Health Consulting. I now work as a Strategic Business Consultant to numerous manufacturers in the healthcare space. As a Clinical Dentist, I have followed the Nanotech space since the early introduction of Nano-hybrid composite resins and it is my opinion that Nanotechnology is the future of Dentistry. I also believe that VeraSIL’s clinical protocols and NanoSilver-based products dramatically help to improve patient clinical outcomes. I am very familiar with VeraSIL’s differentiated science and Intellectual property as well as the regulatory paths that their products have distinguished themselves with. I can confidently state that there are no other competitive technologies which are capable of delivering these kinds of selective Antimicrobial action and Advanced Wound healing. I am also aware that most of the Dentists using this Nanotech are participating in VeraSIL’s Tax R&D Programs. Given the mounting financial costs of operating a Dental practice, I do not believe that there are any other possible methods of generating such significant additional net income for Dentists.” Dr. Charles Drury, BSc. (NeuroBio), DDS, AEGD, FAGD, FIADFE, FICD

“I would love to take the opportunity to review the Orasil/Verasil line of revolutionary nano-silver products and I hope you find it useful.
As a biological dentist, I am always looking for the most effective and natural products to offer to my patients. This NanoMetallic Silver Oxide is really a game changer for me in every aspect of my practice. My surgical patients look like they’re 3 weeks healed after 4-5 days. I’m also using the silver in restorative applications, as well as perio. I’m working on filing my first year tax R&D now, and it’s shaping up to be a game changer for my bottom line as well. It’s about time someone did something to really advance dentistry and help us make more money at the same time. Bravo!” -Scott Chandler DMD. Park City Utah

“I was recently introduced to the VeraSIL products by a fellow Biologic Dentist and in the short time that I have been implementing their unique products and protocols, I can report that I have seen measurable clinical improvements in both wound healing times and a reduction in the level of post-operative pain, inflammation and surgical site infections in my patients. I also appreciate the way these products allow me to custom-tailor dental treatment for my individual patients and I am eager to continue implementing their well-thought-out clinical protocols. The fact that I can help improve patient outcomes and the success of my business using Tax R&D is a real bonus.Dr AJ Boyajian, DMD, Biologic Dentist, Los Angeles, CA

“After reviewing the extensive science behind this nanotechnology and conducting my own independent review on the subject I started utilizing the VeraSIL products in early 2022. I have been utilizing their OraSIL products and following their clinical protocols (ever since) and with great clinical success. Amongst my favourite procedures is the combined use of the NanoMetallic Silver Oxide rinse and hydrogel with my PRF membranes – the increased rates of healing have been very noticeable. Late last year, I filed my 2022 Tax R&D claim and 3 months later I not only received back enough to cover my Corporate tax bill but, a substantial additional amount which more than doubled my existing Adj EBITDA. My CPA was (pleasantly). shocked.” Dr. KC James, General Dentist, Canada. 

“Until the development of the VeraSILNanoSilver line of Dental Products, there were NO Antimicrobial /Disinfectant dental products available in the market that could be utilized to help with inflammation, pain and wound healing. Even though the need for a great wound healing, disinfectant is obvious, no such products have ever existed – until now”. I utilize these NanoSilver products in my dental practice because they help eliminate infection in my patients, create less inflammation, less post-operative discomfort and better clinical outcomes. Real Products – Real Results, which are both measurable and discernible.” Dr. Doug Liu, General Dentist and Clinical Consultant

“Over the past 20 years, I have been involved with the successful formation, development and sale of Dental Service Organizations in 3 different countries. More recently, I have watched the Dental industry and the enterprising business solution models (employed by nearly all DSOs) slowly become eroded by ever increasing interest, inflation and corporate tax rates, as well as sky high staff and sundry supply costs – not to mention the challenges surrounding staff shortages. This has culminated in a financial maelstrom which has slowly pushed current Operating Overheads for nearly all Dental Offices and DSOs, to in excess of 75-80% of gross production. In such a state of financial turmoil, the vast majority of Dental Offices have found it increasingly difficult to manage their cash flows and remain profitable. The need for a new and improved business model for increased profitability is now greater than ever before and this can certainly be seen in how practice valuations are now trending away from EBITDA and towards Free Cash Flow calculations. In today’s marketplace, Production based Profitability, and enterprising business solutions are only a part of the overall solution – the other essential element, has to involve proven, reproducible strategies for driving down net operating expenses. I have found that the ultimate way to achieve this, and truly super-charge practice profitability, is by incorporating specific Tax R&D and Nanotechnology strategies. I have never seen such a disruptive business model as the Tax R&D based Nanotechnology Programs offered by VeraSIL Therapeutics, and that is why my UDC company has chosen to align its business practices exclusively with that of VeraSIL’s. I believe this newly combined business model to be paradigm shifting for the entire Dental industry and I am excited to be a part of its early stage development / implementation”  Dr Ray Khouri, Founder & Chief Executive, United Dental Corp. Past Co-Founder of Dental Corp Holdings Ltd. (Canada) and Dental Corp (AUS/NZL). 

“Take it from an Accountant and MBA….it is NOT about what you GROSS – Its ALL about what you NET! In other words… Its NOT about what you MAKE – Its about what you TAKE and Dentists utilizing a Nanotechnology based Tax R&D Program have found a reproduceable and highly innovative way to do just that – Work less and Make More. Clive Jacobsohn, CPA/CA, MBA.

The use of the NanoSilver protocols has helped significantly improve a whole host of clinical outcomes for my dental patients and it has also allowed me to dramatically increase the profitability of my Dental business. In 30+ years of practice, I have never seen or heard of a better way to do both. Amazing!” Dr. Ron Gaudet, DMD, General Dentist & Owner/Operator of Wave Dental, White Rock, Canada

“The need for a general purpose wound healing, disinfectant in clinical Dentistry has until very recently been a ‘pipe dream’. I have been practicing Dentistry for over 40 years now and very few if any products have ever risen to the level of scientific validation and technological innovation as this Nanotechnology. Simply Put – this line of OraSIL and CuraSIL NanoSilver products are “game-changers.” Dr. Cris Simmons, DMD, FICCMO, DAACFP, MICCMO, General Dentist and Clinical Consultant, Practice Limited to the Treatment of TMJD, Airway & OSA.

“My staff and I have been using the VeraSIL products for approximately 6 months now and I have never experienced such powerful acting and performance-enhancing clinical benefits in a series of dental products as the OraSIL and CuraSIL NanoSilver products. These unique products (have almost ubiquitous clinical applications) and should be an essential part of every Dentist’s clinical armamentarium. The science of Nanotechnology in Dentistry is here to stay and these products represent the next generation in the evolution of wound healing, disinfectants which are an integral part of almost every aspect of Clinical Dentistry.”  Dr. Ken Kelly, DMD, Franklin, Kentucky.

The science of Nanotechnology and the associated peer-reviewed, published clinical studies is undeniable and its multifactorial Dental uses in Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics and General Surgery cannot be understated. I have seen firsthand the tremendous wound healing, disinfectant and pain-reducing benefits that these products offer as I insisted they be utilized during my Immediate extraction and Guided Dental Implant placement. The results were very noticeable and my only regret is that they did not have this NanoSilver technology available while I was still practising Dentistry” Dr. Graham M. Willoughby, BDS, MDS, (Retired), VeraSIL Therapeutics, Clinical Consultant

“For more than a decade, my practice has been limited to the surgical placement and restoration of dental implant-supported prostheses. Since 2010, I have been the Director of the Implant Surgery and Bone Grafting Programs at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies where I teach other Dentists how to place and restore a Dental implant system that I helped developed called “Implant One”. I have been placing dental implants for over three (3) decades now and I can confidently state that I have never seen such rapid healing and reduced pain and inflammation after surgery as I have with VeraSIL’s NanoSilver products/protocols. I am very familiar with the clinical research and development of VeraSIL’s NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology because I currently utilize their specific clinical protocols for implant placement and bone grafting. In fact, I teach OraSIL Implant Surgical protocols in my LVI surgical courses and at my CE seminars in the Dominican Republic.I can also confirm that the specific use of the OraSIL Surgical Wound Wash Irrigant in the IV Bag/implant motor/osteotomy drill and the use of the OraSIL Hemostatic Hydrogel in the osteotomy socket prior to dental implant placement not only speeds up wound healing but, also dramatically reduces post-op complications and post-surgical pain and inflammation. I also use the OraSIL technology in all forms of hard and soft tissue grafting procedures to rehydrate membranes and bone allograft materials as well as the wound wash irrigant in my dental lasers when I am cleaning out and debriding around failing dental implants. VeraSIL’s NanoSilver-based clinical protocols truly have ubiquitous applications in Clinical Dentistry and my patients appreciate the immediate results they experience with the OraSIL products – that is less pain, less infection and faster healing times.” Dr. Leo Malin, DMD, LVIF. Implant Surgeon & Reconstructive Dentist, Past Director of Dental Implant and Bone Grafting Programs Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies., President & Founder Implant Logistics.

“Periodontal disease affects 4 out of every 5 Americans and there is an irrefutable and direct link between oral health and cardiac health – referred to as the “oral-systemic link”. Central to VeraSIL’s Non-Surgical Periodontal treatment protocols is the use of a novel 3D Printed, custom fitted periodontal tray which allows for the delivery of a wound healing disinfectant solution of NanoSilver Hydrogel called OraSIL. When this novel Hydrogel is combined with other treatment protocols (such as Antibiotic and Laser ablation therapies and sub-gingival irrigation) the Company’s clinical findings point towards a significant reduction/resolution of Refractive Periodontitis (both in terms of pocketing depths, attachment loss and the total number of Colony Forming Units (“CFU’s) of specific periodontal pathogens). I have reviewed the patient-specific, DNA clinical reports and supporting data (both, before, during and after therapeutic treatments with this NanoSilver-based technology) and in my professional opinion, it is very impressive. In conclusion, it is hard to refute the fact that this NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology is anything but a breakthrough technology. VeraSIL’s clinical staff have taken this Nanotechnology and applied it to create their own novel Intellectual Property and real-world clinical solutions for numerous different clinical procedures in a most impressive way. Their ongoing commitment to helping improve the lives and clinical outcomes of thousands of dental patients is truly inspiring”. Sir. Norman Thomas, MD, DDS, PhD., (Oral path.), FRCD; Bsc. (Hons. Anat. Physiol.), DAAPM; CMAc, FADI, MICCMO

“As a Biologically trained Dentist, my philosophy of practice has always been to try and minimize the use of chemo-toxic ingredients. Frankly, the negative effects of CHG on a patient’s microbiome and vascular perfusion (reported in the literature) is quite frankly – alarming. In practical terms, however, the elimination of such chemicals is extremely difficult to accomplish given all the new CHG-driven adhesive bonding systems/ protocols and bioactive resin polymers now on the market. I am constantly looking for alternative solutions and I believe I have found one…I have been using VeraSIL’s unique Protocols and products for almost 2 years now and I am very impressed with the clinical results I have been getting with their OraSIL products primarily because they have been able to effectively reduce the number of chemicals I need to employ and still get great results. I have been implementing their specific restorative, preventative and laser protocols and both my patients and our Dental team have observed notable reductions in wound healing times and improved patient outcomes (less pain, less inflammation, less post-op complications and less scar tissue formation). ALL with FAR LESS use of chemotoxic ingredients – I have not used CHG in almost 2 years. I have also been tracking positive clinical results from the combined use of the OraSIL Hydrogel and Wound Wash Irritant solutions with various formats of Stannous and Sodium Fluoride. I would highly recommend the use of these products/protocols for any Dentist looking to improve their clinical results while utilizing a whole lot less chemotoxic ingredients”. Dr. Kevin Mudrow, DDS. Senior Dental Clinician, South West Oregon Community Care Program, sponsored by US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

“Based on an overwhelming response from Canadian and US Dental Healthcare Professionals, Direct Dental Source Manufacturing, Inc., will continue to produce and expand upon its line of Nanotechnology based dental products which are available exclusively through the VeraSIL.com web portal. Manufactured in a local ISO 13485 Registered, cGMP Medical Device and Cdn NHPD Site Licensed Manufacturing Facility, by Medtrica Solutions, Inc., these unique products allow Dentists to achieve objectively better clinical performance and thus better patient outcomes, as well as improved cost containment.” Robert Penz, Director, Direct Dental Source Manufacturing, Inc (“DDSource”), Founder & President, Medtrica Solutions, Inc

“One of the biggest challenges Dentists face in private practice is treating and managing pain, inflammation, healing and infection – as it impacts virtually every aspect of clinical dentistry. We all know that Disinfectants such as Chlorhexidine DiGluconate, Glutaraldehyde, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, 70% IsoPropyl Alcohol, Isopropanol, Triclosan and Quaternary Ammonium products are chemo-toxic and highly irritating to oral-mucosal tissues.  These types of chemical disinfectants cannot and should not be used to promote /reduce pain, inflammation and wound healing – even though the need for a Disinfectant that is also a great Wound Healing product would be highly beneficial. What typically makes for a good Antimicrobial Disinfectant Agent does NOT make for a good wound healing, pain-reducing anti-inflammatory product – i.o.w’s these types of products are mutually exclusive. By creating a series of products that can legitimately do both, creates the best of both worlds” and a potentially huge paradigm shift for Clinical DentistryDr. Andrew Willoughby, General Dentist, Founder & CEO, VeraSIL Therapeutics

I have not only been using the OraSIL NanoSilver products to treat and help heal my patients but, I have been lecturing about its’ many surgical uses to my peers. The profound wound healing and disinfectant properties of this Nanotechnology are truly impressive! The fact that I can also benefit financially by significantly increasing my PC’s After Tax Net Income, by integrating the use of these NanoSilver products into my practice using the Tax R&D Program is a complete game-changer.” Dr. Jim Yeganegi, DMD, Implantologist, Vancouver, Canada

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