Since 2006, VeraSIL’s Dental Clinicians have been developing, evaluating and performing thousands of human clinical trials with a unique technology platform referred to as NanoMetallic Silver Tetrahedal TetraOxide (“NMSTTO”).  This platform has established Safety, Efficacy, Performance and Stability and can therefore be used by Dentists in an off-label capacity to try and help resolve some of the Dental Industries’ most complex Technological Uncertainties including; Pain, Inflammation and Infections such as Tooth decay, Periodontal disease and Antibiotic resistance.

These unique NMSTTO particles have a solid metallic core which ranges b/w 5-7 Nm in diameter. They have a patented resonance frequency (b/w 890-910 TeraHertz the same as Ultraviolet Light A+B frequency). This solid NanoMetallic Silver particle has been cleared (with various claim language) by both the US FDA and Health Canada in various product formats. The solid Metallic core of this NanoSilver particle has a proprietary 3-Dimensional Nano-Crystalline Matrix (Oxide layer) with a powerful, electrostatic, nano-catalytic mode of action. This Oxide Layer has been proven to kill a broad range of microorganisms without causing harm to the host. The highly charged nature of this Nano-Crystalline Oxide coating is capable of generating its own magnetic field evident in Transitional Electron Microscopy (TEM) which is able to disrupt bacterial biofilms and eradicate a wide variety of yeast, bacteria and viruses.

We refer to this Nanotechnology Platform as “CuraSIL®” because of its profound ‘curative like’, wound healing benefits and the superior Antimicrobial effect which these NMSTTO particles have on a broad range of pathogenic microbes (including many Multi-Drug Resistant bacteria). ALL of these Antimicrobial, Wound healing products are manufactured in a cGMP clean room facility by VeraSIL’s Manufacturing partners at DDSOurce Manufacturing and all of them contain this unique CuraSIL® technology.


Historic Use of Silver

Most healthcare practitioners have heard of the centuries-old proven Antimicrobial benefits of Silver….In fact, the advantages of Silver date as far back as 300 BC when the Ancient Romans used to line their Aqueducts with Silver to provide safe potable drinking water.

Today, with the advent of Nanotechnology, an entirely new class of NanoSilver-based products has been created.  The primary advantage of Nanotechnology is in its minute (sub-micron) particle size coupled with its increased surface area to volume, and when it can be utilized in ultra-dilute amounts, this makes it much less likely to interfere with the physical and chemical properties of other formulated ingredients.

However, most forms of ‘Ionic Silver’ are inherently unstable, not very bioavailable and readily precipitate out of solution so they are often sold in higher concentrations which is where the concern over dosage, dilution and toxicity come into play. Ionic Silver is also metabolized by the body and can pose risks associated with Argyria (an irreversible blue-grey mucocutaneous discolouration of the skin commonly referred to as ‘blue man syndrome’).  Ionic Silver is also typically made up of sub-nano-sized particles and can therefore not legitimately be described as a ‘NanoSilver’ particle because a Nanoparticle is – by definition – a particle b/w 1-100 Nanometers in size’. The use of NanoSilver to describe Ionic Silver is simply a marketing ploy used by many manufacturers of Ionic Silver because of the popularity of the term “NanoSilver”.

Creating Ionic Silver particles that are truly Nano-sized usually requires the Ionic Silver to be bound/conjugated to a mild protein which makes the Ionic NanoSilver much less functional/bio-available and requires much higher ppm levels of Ionic Silver – which is once again, where the concerns over dosage/dilution and toxicity become apparent. Those that claim that their sub-nano-sized particles of Ionic Silver are advantageous are also very much misinformed. 

The peer-reviewed literature in this regard is crystal clear – the IDEAL PARTICLE SIZE for a NanoSilver particle is NOT LESS than 1 Nanometer (as most of the Ionic Silver manufacturers claim – it is actually between 5-10 Nm. (1)

The average size of our NanoSilver particle is 5-7 Nm (as detailed below).

We prefer to differentiate our Silver from everyone else’s by referring to it by its technical description – “NanoMetallic Silver Oxide”. In the SEM slide below, you can clearly see the Halo effect of the “Oxide” layer surrounding our solid nanoparticle core….

The biggest challenge with the manufacture of true NanoSilver particles is the creation of predictable-sized particles that can remain stable in solution – but NOT all forms of NanoSilver are the same. In Fact, there is a world of difference between nearly all other forms of ‘IonicSilver’ and this NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology.

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