The following Nanotechnology based products are to be utilized by Dental Healthcare Professionals as customizable baseline ingredients with a proven track record of safety, efficacy, performance and stability.

These OraSIL® and CuraSIL® products are intended to be used in combination with one or more other adjunctive ingredients (“incipients”) including;

All of the above adjuvants can be combined safely with the NanoMetallic Silver Oxide Technology at various dosages and dilutions (to help increase and modify the activity of the Nanotechnology). The combination of different adjuvants can also be readily adjusted depending on the type of procedure and the nature of the problem (i.e. acute or chronic infection, and or presence of inflammation etc.)

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ALL of VeraSIL’s products are manufactured exclusively by DDSource Manufacturing, INC., whose head offices are located at Unit101 – 3525 191 Street, Surrey British Columbia, Canada.

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