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VeraSIL Therapeutic Research, Inc (“VeraSIL”)

This website describes a Program created by VeraSIL Therapeutics Research, Inc., (“VeraSIL”) which utilizes a novel Nanotechnology platform and government-funded Tax R&D initiatives (in both Canada and the USA) to not only improve patient outcomes but, the financial stability of a Dental practice/private healthcare facility.

VeraSIL was founded in 2014 by a group of Dental Healthcare Professionals to aid in the Research and Development of Dental specific applications for a novel NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology – capable of providing broad-based antimicrobial activity combined with rapid improvements in wound healing and biofilm/smear layer reduction. Prior to the introduction of this technology platform, no such dual functioning antimicrobial – wound healing agents existed in the dental industry. As a result of these ongoing R&D efforts, a variety of proprietary clinical products and formulations were developed in an attempt to try and address challenges and Technological Uncertainties (“TUs”) which have remained unresolved and plagued the Dental Industry/Dentists for decades including:

In 2018, VeraSIL’s focus shifted towards the development of hundreds of specific Clinical Protocols for a NanoMetallic Silver Oxide Technology called CURASIL® which could be used with a variety of other less chemo-toxic ingredients to help improve a wide range of clinical outcomes for dental patients.

Introducing, A Clinically Tested, Heavily Patented, NanoMetallic Silver Oxide Technology Called CuraSIL.

Providing Individually Formulated Products with the following superior properties:

The result is an All Natural, Non-Chemotoxic, NanoMetallic Silver Oxide technology platform which can help to provide Improved Clinical Results and better Patient Outcomes…

(1) CuraSIL is a paradigm-shifting technology with the proven ability to fight Antibiotic Resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE.
(2) Readily mixed with varying concentrations and dilutions of adjuvants such as (EDTA, H202, Potassium Persulfate, Fluoride, IPA, BZK, Povidone Iodide, NaOCL, Aluminum Chloride & Medical Grade Enzymes).
(3) Hi Log reduction kills against MRSA, VRE, CRE, MDR Acinetobacter Baumanii and Candida albicans.
(4) Our NanoMetallic Silver particles are on average 5-7Nm in size.

Utilizing the CURASIL® Nanotechnology platform in combination with a diverse range of customizable clinical protocols, dosages, dilutions and ingredients (as well as less chemo-toxic formulations and improved delivery systems), VeraSIL has developed a Tax R&D eligible Program capable of addressing Technological Uncertainties (“TUs”) specific to the Dental industry. This Program allows Dentists to help improve clinical outcomes for their patients AND to file for much-needed tax relief in order to help financially support their dental businesses which has been ravaged by increased operational costs. The VeraSIL Program has helped to dramatically improve the Free Cash Flow / Profitability of many Professional Dental Corporations.

“The ONLY Technology Platform in the world which has the potential to legitimately address/resolve the issues of wound healing and disinfection as well as pain and inflammation in the Dental industry is Nanotechnology”. 2018 Newsletter, U.S National Institutes of Health (“USNIH”)

To date, we have not only developed hundreds of Proprietary Clinical Protocols to help address the above TUs but our R&D efforts have also resulted in a growing collection of evidence based medicine which points to the efficacy and performance of this NanoMetallic Silver technology including; Thousands of clinical based observations from Healthcare Professionals; Independent USP 51 21 CFR Part 58 Antimicrobial Tests against numerous pathogenetic microorganisms; Numerous independent public / third party studies and tests; Hundreds of Oral DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (“PCR”) Salivary tests; Numerous whites papers;  Peer reviewed and published papers; Multiple FDA cleared, IRB approved, randomized human clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of human ingestion of NanoMetallic Silver; PubMed research papers as well as the largest Peer reviewed Meta-Analysis on NanoSilver in Dentistry ever published, in an April 2017 issue of Dental Material’s Magazine by Nohrona et al.

Although R&D efforts are still ongoing, thus far, they have resulted in the development of numerous proprietary formulations and the issuance of more than twenty (20) US and Foreign Patents, (9) US and Canadian Registered Trademarks, as well as numerous Canadian and US regulatory clearances. Our latest Canadian Regulatory approval has come for our Super Hydrating Facial Serum which now has approved Antimicrobial and Wound Cleansing claims and for the treatment of Skin Affections including; seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and acne. With the addition of Hyaluronic Acid, Sonicated Nano-peptides and PBM Light Therapy, there is now Research into this potential ability  help accelerate surgical wound closure/healing and bone remodelling as well as the possible effect on both the BONT’s time of onset and its duration of efficacy. These novel uses/applications/protocols are now the subject of extensive Patent Pending Applications and numerous R&D Projects.

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ALL of VeraSIL’s products are manufactured exclusively by DDSource Manufacturing, INC., Unit101 – 3525 191 Street, Surrey British Columbia, Canada.

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